Monday, April 30, 2012


Love this!

Found this letter on Sadie Nardini's facebook page and I immediately thought I HAD to share it on the blog for those who find it hard to get their ass to yoga sometimes (eg. everyone! We all have those days I'm sure!) 

If a superstar yogi like Sadie can cop to finding it difficult to "drag" herself to yoga I feel a bit better about the days I would rather stay under the covers or in front of the TV. And also a bit more inspired to remember why it is always great to make sure I damn well do though :)


The following is a response I wrote today to a yogi/mom who, after having her daughter, has been trying to regain the drive to reclaim her yoga practice. She asked me how I stay motivated to keep doing mine. I thought the response might be useful in some way for you!:

Dear *****,

Guess what?

I'm very rarely motivated or in the mood to go to class. I'm busy, tired and a million and one things left to do when mat time rolls around. Yet I just do it, and then when I'm done, I reap all the benefits, and I am SO glad I got there.

If you wait to feel like doing yoga, you might be waiting a long time.

Start the practice of making your mat time non-negotiable, even with yourself, show up for yourself regularly, and teach your daughter from the beginning that it's important to dedicate to YOU time, therefore showing her that it's OK to make time for herself, instead of forgetting about her own health in favor of other people and responsibilities.

Create that balance in yourself, and become that amazing role model. And watch--when you get to your yoga consistently, it will become easier and easier to make it your lifestyle.


So great! One more time Brogis:

If you wait to feel like doing yoga, you might be waiting a long time.

Bromaste... and see you on the mat... whether you like it or not ;)

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